Favorite Peeps Lyrics from Album The Way That Lovers Do is Brand New English song sung by Prateek Kuhad and music is given by Prateek Kuhad while Favorite Peeps song lyrics is also written by Prateek Kuhad.

Favorite Peeps Lyrics

I Slept With My Toes Between All My Sheets
It Feels Like I Never Could Really Keep Up
With All Of My Hands And All Of My Feet
I Need All The Warmth I Can Get From My
Favorite Peeps, I Keep Them Around
I Have To Stay Strong But I Wanna Give Up

My Fire Is Strong But Sometimes I Leap
Into The Pits Of Imaginary Slumps
With My New Kicks That I Never Picked
I Need All The Heart I Can Get From My
Favorite Loves, I Need Them With Me
I Should Stay Strong But I Wanna Give Up

It’s Just Love Lust Then Lonely
No Time To Be Alone
Don’t Know What I Have
But I Want What I Don’t

May Slip Slit My Wrist
With A Call On My Phone
Don’t Know What I Need
What I Have I Don’t See

They Said Give Time

They Take Me Around
They Tuck Me To Sleep
They Keep Me In Check
When I Wanna Break In

To My Own Self, Within My Debris
I Need All The Hugs I Can Get From My
Favorite Bugs, They Need Me Too
I Need To Stay Strong So I Don’t Let Them Know

Patience Is Fatal But Pain Is Not Weak.

Song Credits:
Song: Favorite Peeps Lyrics
Singer: Prateek Kuhad
Lyrics: Prateek Kuhad
Music: Prateek Kuhad

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